Dalí London Exhibit Reviews: The Immersive Experience

What people think about our Dalí exhibit in London

  • Carito A.

    I think out of all the immersive experiences I have been to this by far has been the best one. I think the virtual reality at the end definitely makes it your money’s worth, the whole thing was just cool. I would definitely recommend it.

  • Jan H.

    Dali… definitely not dully! It was really different! We particularly loved being able to add our own 'virtual' artwork to the life-size gold figure, but the 'wow' factor was the virtual reality extravaganza, which was so, so cleverly done & thoroughly enjoyable. The staff were all brilliantly friendly & helpful, too. We'd come from an old favourite - the National Gallery, where the information by each masterpiece is so small you have to be right up close to read it (& possibly get in other people's way). At the Dali experience everything was easy to read wherever we were stood. Congratulations to everyone involved in staging and working at this fab event (& the great man, Dali, of course)!

  • Candida S.

    Amazing! I didn’t think the Van Gogh immersive experience could be beaten but Dali Cybernetics was awesome.

  • Barryi H.

    Fascinating and well worth the journey to a part of London I did not know. The presentations were very imaginative and, for me, unique. Having visited Dali museums in Spain and Florida I was surprised to find so much that was new and original about this fascinating artist.

  • Dave R.

    I have been a fan of all things Dali since I was young (now 66!). I have seen exhibitions of his work previously and I really enjoyed the experience today. I especially liked the immersive part where I was able to sit in a deckchair and appreciate what was being shown. A good job done here. Could have done with a few more seats but I was OK.

  • Kate O.

    Interesting exhibition about the evolution of Dali’s work. The immersive hall was brilliant but the show stopper was definitely the VR experience, it was so good we did it twice!

  • Karen M.

    Brilliant event. Great graphics and the VR is so immersive. Staff were so helpful and couldn't do enough to help me enjoy the event. I couldn't access the second floor as a wheelchair user so they brought a table down to me. All I can say is that you for all the help and making the experience 5 star for me.

  • Carla H.

    The customer service I experienced from ticket purchase to the day of the experience has been second to none. Their online 24/7 chat service was so helpful with prompt replies and gave clear simple instructions on how to solve my issue. Have never had customer service so efficient! The experience was amazing and very educational, my mum and I had a great time!

  • Michelle B.

    The immersive VR experience was excellent, the best I've done. Really well done and thoroughly enjoyable. The large room with the projections and 3D section was also really enjoyable.

  • Laura L.

    What an amazing experience! Very informative and the immersive experience was brilliant, very cleverly done. Felt a part of Dali’s art. The VR experience was also really good! Fascinating stuff! Felt as if we were living inside Dali’s art and mind… absolutely loved this experience. Great staff too.

  • Annie V.

    The experience far surpassed our expectations. We visited with our daughters who are 10 and 7 years old. The exhibit held their interest and the last two phases of the experience were absolutely incredible. The VR element at the end was mind-blowing and magical. All the staff were welcoming, friendly and helpful and overall the visit was well worth the money.

  • Jeanie S.

    What a fabulously stimulating experience! Loved the history, chilled in the immersive lounge area for half an hour and the VR walk was amazing.


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